COOLIFTING – Look Younger in Minutes!

Coolifting uses CO2 gas with pressure called carboxy to deliver a hyaluronic acid solution for deep hydration. A single session delivers immediate firming & lifting results, improved hydration & helps to eliminate fine lines & soften deep wrinkles. Recommended 1 every 2-3 weeks to start then maintenance of 1/month for best results. With multiple sessions your skin will continue to improve until your collagen reworks itself.

Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to deliver plant stem cells to your skin to protect the longevity of your skin’s stem cells & delay biological aging thereby improving your skin’s elasticity & nourishing & brightening your skin!

Age Defying Coolift Facial $250

This Botox Alternative Age-Defying & Tightening Facial uses plant stem cells and CO2 gas to deliver hyaluronic acid beyond your epidermis and dermis to your hypo dermis for the ultimate in defying your age whether you want to hold your youth or turn back the clock we have you covered! Delivers immediate firming and lifting results, improved hydration and helps to eliminate fine lines and soften deep wrinkles. Your Skin Never Looked So Good!

CryoSkinCare Treatment (Firm Anti-age/Youth, Vitamin/Mineral replenish) $50 add on to any facial.


Personalized Facial

After initial consultation, we work with you to design a facial treatment based on your needs and time availability. Some options: natural peels, photo light therapy, ampoules/serums, essential oils, ultrasonic, galvanic, electrical muscle stimulation, micro needling, cryoskin care, and energy work… Working together, we will determine what’s best for you.

Ranges from 45-90 minutes, prices start at $100

Anti-Pollution Facial $125

This detoxifying facial combats free radicals using vitamins to brighten your skin forboptimum health. Restore & Nourish Your Skin!

Thirst Quenching Facial $125

This facial deeply exfoliates your skin and then hydrates deep within your tissue’s layers to plump up your skin creating abmore youthful appearance. Drench Your Skin in Hydration!

Collagen Firming Facial $150

This ultimate youth facial brings an inside out anti-aging effect to your skin. Great for elasticity! Cleanse, peel & drench your skin in aromatherapy & collagen for the ultimatebFirmness! Long Lasting Firming & Renewal!

Infused Vitamin C Facial $125

This facial is loaded with Vitamins to fight free radicals that damage our skin. Using a citrus peel for exfoliation, then a vitamin rich mask & LED lights to brighten your skin. We finish with serums & a citrus vitamin cream. Leaves your skin glowing!

Fire & Ice Facial $150

This fire & ice facial uses an all natural heating peel to dramatically reduce fine lines, remove dead skin, increase circulation, help with dark eye circles, and help with pigmentation and acne. Then this facial is followed by a cryoskin cold treatment to restore and refresh your skin! This peel, in just 1 or 2 sessions, compares to a series of micro-dermabrasion or other chemical peels, but ours is all natural! Wake up for your skin!


Crystal Chakra Facial $150

This Energy Chakra Facial ises stones and crystals with bach flower essence sprays to rebalance your mind and body along with customization for your skin. Deep Relaxation!

Zen Energy Balance Facial $150

This facial uses Reiki & Jin Shin Jyutsu to create balance within the body while also balancing the face with healthy natural skincare therapy. Let Your Zen Out!

“High Tech” Corrective Treatments
Ultra Sonic Facial $ 100

The newest technology in skin care is using ultra sonic waves to peel away layers of your dead skin cells. Products are then pushed deep into your skin’s layers while increasing circulation and oxygenation through micro-stimulation. Your skin will feel super hydrated! Customized for you!

Photo Light Panel Treatment $ 50 as an add on to any facial.

Helps control and correct a variety of skin conditions including: Acne / Redness / Pigmentation / Photo-Aging/ Anti-Aging. Frequency Recommendation: Between 6-12 treatments. 1-2 times per week for the first few treatments, then as needed. Individual results will vary.

Lumi Lift Treatment (Lift only) allow 25 min. $150

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Face Lift! Firming – Toning – Lifting.

Reverse signs of Aging! More Information/Package is Available.

Frequency Recommendation: Between 6-12 treatments. 1-2 times per week for the first 6-12 treatments, then once a month for maintenance. Individual results will vary. *Also available as an “ADVANCED” Lumi Lift Program – inquire for details.